Booking with us is simple and easy. Just fill in the enquiry form below and we will reply with availability and total cost before confirming the booking.  Please don't forget to add any additional information in the box below.

OUR RATES (per night):  One or two adults = €100  - Three adults = €130 -  Four adults = €150               KIDS STAY FREE!

*** 10% DISCOUNT when you stay more than 1 night ***

NB - these rates are for the entire 2 bedroom property. Kids = Under 16 year olds.  When calculating the rate only count the number of 16 year olds and over.  Obviously, you should count under 16s when it comes to number of beds.  For booking enquiries please use the form below the calendar.

The small double can hold two adults however we suggest it is best with one adult or for children.  Obviously the sitting room more than makes up for the (lack of) space in the smaller bedroom.

We are open from April to the end of September each year.

The main bedroom contains one double bed.  The smaller bedroom contains a double bed and a temporary single bed can be added for children who do not like to share double beds. We aim to promote affordable family holidays (hence kids going free) and may be able to help out with equipment for younger children on request.  We also want to be flexible so please contact us with any queries.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pets at this time.



Main thatched double bedroom




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